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Seafood Restaurants in Panjim

Seafood Restaurants in Goaa
Seafood Restaurants in Goaa
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Panjim also know as Panaji is a the capital of the beautiful state of Goa. Situated in the North of Goa Panjim lies on the River banks of the famous Mandovi river in Goa. And if you are looking for Seafood out here. You are on the right page. Well, a meal in Goa will never be complete without the mouth-watering Seafood of Goa. And RestaurantsdeGoa has an overwhelming number of Seafood Restaurants in Panjim for you to feast on. Right from the interior city areas to the cool river side areas. Check out the list of the best Seafood Restaurants Panjim has to offer.

With the tasty Seafood freshly sourced from the rivers of Panjim. You will definitely be left wanting for more. From the famous Fish Thalis, to the Shell fish, Calamari and the mouth watering fried fish menu. You can choose from Kingfish, Prawns, Mackerels, Lepo, Crabs, Squids and lots more. Moreover, all these restaurants serving their own specialty, it can be difficult for to choose from. So, we’ve put together the restaurants details, reviews, Images, menu and more. So, browse through the best Seafood Restaurants in Panjim and choose the best one for you.