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Street Food in North Goa

Street Food in North Goa
Street Food in North Goa
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Street Food in North Goa? Nah its is known more for the coastal belt. North Goa holds a major portion of Goa’s nightlife making it a place that’s over crowded throughout the year. So amid all this hustle and bustle how does one get energy to survive the entire night ? Yes you do get Snacks at the pubs. What do you eat before going to a place that needs you to be super energetic. The alcohol helps bring out your energy but we’re talking about that craving of a crunchy fried cutlet pao stuffed with more meat than cabbage for instance.

North Goan Street Food Delicacies

Or if your on your way back home after a long day of work? Maybe your out with your loved ones and looking for something to eat. Street food in Goa has more options to satisfy your cravings than any shopkeeper at the moment. Cutlet pao in Fish, Beef and Chicken are made just for you. That Smoking hot types covered in a tissue so that you don’t burn your fingers.  You even get the classic and everyones favorite Shwarma in Greek, Spicy with or without jalepeanos. However you like it. All customized for your taste buds.

Satisfy your Hunger 

And don’t forget that amazing mouth water pani puri that just entered your thoughts, Chaats and Bhel puri too.

Well that’s a craving that needs to be satisfied right away. RestaurantsdeGoa provides you a varied list of Street Food Made available to you for your hungry tummys. Ranging from Ross Omlette providers to your Chai. Yes that Masala kadak Chai if that’s what you need right now

Wait No More

Head on Over pick a place to find the most amazing Street Food in Noth Goa. Head on over there and give us your best photo cause we would be awed to see you enjoy that amazing favourite street food of yours.