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Street Food in South Goa

Street Food in Goa
Street Food in Goa
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Are you craving something from the street food in South Goa? Looking for something healthy or just delicious. Well, South Goa is the place for all your needs. Not just filled with a number of beaches for you to choose from to spend the day at. But most importantly a street food joint for you to enjoy your favorite foods at.

Be it the spicy Maharashtrian Vada Pav or a healthy Misal Pav. South Goa is home to all the street foods one can ever want. Moreover, you even get the famous Goan Sausages served with Pao for you to enjoy the authentic taste of Goa. Another famous pork dish for you is the Pork Vindaloo that is sure to make your day! If your not a fan of pork then a must-try is the Chicken Cafreal Bread. Spicy yet full of flavor. Will keep you wanting more of it.

Not forgetting everyone’s favorite in Goa. The Ras Omlete or Ross Omlette. A spicy omelet covered in Chicken Gravy mostly served with a few cut onions and a slice of lime. Therefore adding that tangy flavor to your dish.  Furthermore also don’t forget to try the Pav Bhaji that is served with Hot toasted Bread covered in Butter.

You are sure to find a mix of Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian Street food in South Goa. Do try out all of them. RestaurantsdeGoa provides you with a list of places that are a must-visit when in South Goa.

Enjoy the flavor-packed and nutritious food served at these local places. You are sure to leave satisfied.