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Caju Feni & Urrak – Local Goan Drinks

Goa, as you know, is well known for its beaches and cool environment. There are many more things that it is famous for. As Summer arrives in Goa its the start of the famous cashew season. And also, the famous Local Goan Drinks Caju Feni and Urrak. Both these Local Goan beverages are extracted from the cashew fruit. The first extract of the cashew fruit called “Niro” tastes super delicious and is loved by every Goan. The fruit juice is then fermented for a few days and later by using some traditional methods the alcohol named Caju Feni and Urrak are prepared. So, let us see how the two famous Local Goan Drinks are prepared.

The Traditional Distillation Process

Once the cashew apple is separated from its seed. The Cashew apples are crushed to extract its juice. This juice is then stored in mud pots and fermented there for a couple of days. This fermented juice is then poured in a copper pot where it is boiled on medium flames with wood fire. The pot is connected to an earthen mud barrel where the distilled liquor is prepared. The mud barrel needs to be continuously splashed with water till the end of the distillation process.


The cashew fruit is first separated from its seed and crushed usually by legs. In the early years there have been new technology machines used to crush the fruit too. The crushed fruit produced a juice that needed to be fermented for a few days. The juice is stored in mud barrels for a couple of days and then distilled using the traditional distillation process. The first distillation of the cashew apple fruit is called “Urrak”. Urrak gives a mild juicy aroma of the cashew fruit.

Caju Feni

The Process of preparing Caju Feni is the same as preparing Urrak. However, the preparation of Caju Feni needs double distillation. In the first phase of distillation the juice extracted is actually urrak but very mild and diluted. This first distilled urrak is then later again distilled with the fermented cashew juice and the Caju Feni is prepared. The Caju Feni is said to be stronger in alcohol content compared to Urrak. And is also used for many medicinal purposes.

During the summer season, locals eagerly wait for these two Local drinks and prefer the Goan Caju Feni and Urrak over any other liquor brands. Moreover, The best way to have urrak is with lemonade or Limca and a dash of lime and chilly. So, if you are planning to visit Goa during the summers don’t forget to try out this famous Local Goan Drinks.