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Portuguese Menu to try in Goa

Goa has an ancient connection and roots from the portuguese era. Therefore, there are a number of Goan Portuguese restaurants that offer authentic portuguese cuisine in Goa. The Portuguese Cuisine mostly consists of food that includes meats, fish and side salads. If you are confused on what Portuguese menu to try when in Goa. Not to worry! Restaurantsdegoa has clubbed together the five main Portuguese dishes that you must try in Goa.

Chicken Cafreal

The cafreal masala originated from Portuguese is made of various Goan spices ground along with fresh green coriander leaves. The Chicken Cafreal is a famous dish in Goa which is served with a garnish of lazy salads.

Costelhas de Porco (Pork Chops)

The famous Pork Chops! If you are a meat lover this one is a must-try Portuguese Dish when in Goa. The Pork Chops are prepared by simply grilling the pork ribs with a slight glaze of hot barbeque sauce and other spices.

Pork Cabidela

The Pork Cabidela is again a pork meat delight of the yesteryears. Mostly prepared using the meat of tender piglings. The Pork Cabidel masala is a mixture of atomic spices with vinegar which adds a sizzling flavor to it.

Peixe Com Tempero Verde (Fish Cafreal)

Peixe means “Fish” in portuguese. The Peixe Com Tempero Verde is mainly known as Fish cafreal in Goa. The Cafreal masala is the same that is used in Chicken Cafreal. Herein the fish is stuffed and marinated in the cafreal masala and then fried. 

Camarao Com Cebolas (Prawns with Onions)

Camarao Com Cebolas just means “Prawns with Onions”. If you are a Seafood Lover this Portuguese dish is a must-try when in Goa. The fresh Prawns are basically fried together with onion, garlic, and other spices.

With the ancient, beautiful portuguese-built structures, Goa is the perfect place that can offer you the best portuguese ambience with bonafide hospitality. There are many restaurants namely Viva Panjim, O’Coquero, Martins corner and more that offer the best and authentic Portuguese Menu in Goa.