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Goan Seafood Platter – What to Expect

Having a beautiful and extensive coastline which is almost 105 km long, Its no wonder that Goa is famed to produce the best, fresh and sumptuous seafood. No matter which part of Goa you are based you will surely have a restaurant nearby serving the best Authentic Seafood of Goa. Well, if you are confused in what seafood to try out in Goa, you are definitely spoilt for choices. There are plenty of fishes and seafood dishes to indulge on, but if you want to try out a variety you should go on for the Goan Seafood Platter.

So, let us see what one should expect in a Goan Seafood Platter:

The Goan Seafood Platter is basically a fish platter with a variety of fishes garnished with some salads that you can indulge your taste buds on. This exotic delight is created using the local fish produce from the rivers of Goa. The main fish that goes in the platter mostly include the King Fish, Red snappers, Prawns, lobsters, crabs, Squids, pomfrets, mackerels and the famous shellfish of Goa. Each restaurant will have a different specialty of its own. Well, the dishes prepared by these fish are using the local key cuisine ingredients of Goa.

Seafood Dishes that you are likely to find in the Goan Seafood Platter:
  1. King fish Masala Rava fry: fresh kingfish fillets marinated with a unique masala and deep fried with a thin layer of semolina/rava.
  2. Prawns Masala: The fat sumptuous prawns marinated and fried with the Goan masala made from local Goan spices.
  3. Squids butter garlic: the squids or calamari are well cleaned and cut into rings. and then cooked adding some butter and other spices to it.
  4. Lobster grilled: The fresh king sized prawns are grilled adding the Goan spices to it.
  5. Pomfret or Mackerel Recheado: The Recheado is a famous Goan Masala that is stuffed inside the fish and fried to give a delicious spicy flavor.
  6. Shellfish: the Goan shellfish like the clams, mussels and oyesters can be cooked in different styles. They taste delicious.

Well, these are some of the seafood dishes you should expect in a Goan Seafood Platter. However, different restaurants will have something different to offer. So, wait no more checkout the famous places in Goa where you’ll find the best seafood platters and enjoy the authentic food in Goa.