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Local Foods to try in Goa

As we know Goa is best known and famous for its string of beautiful beaches, So also it is famous for its Food. Located on the coastline, The Goan cuisine is famous for its fresh seafood. Not forgetting the traditional curries and aromatic spices and juicy flavor.

So, here are the main and must try Local foods in Goa that will indulge your taste buds for the Local Goan Cuisine

1. Goan Fish Curry Rice

Local Foods in Goa

The staple food of Goa is the fish, curry rice famously know as “Xitt Koddi” in Goa in Konkani. The dish comprises of Rice the rice could be white rice or the local Goan rice. The curry is the Goan Fish Curry or prawns curry which is made of grated coconut and incorporated with the famous Goan Spices. The side dish is the fried fish. This is the staple and main local Goan cuisine food. The upgraded version of the Goan Fish Curry Rice is the “Goan Fish Thali”. This has all the dishes as specified above but could have an addition of different vegetables and the local Goan mango pickles.

2. Goan Chicken Xacuti

The Chicken Xacuti is a famous Goan Style Chicken curry packed with flavors. Moreover, it has a rich blend of the Local aromatic Goan spices and fresh grated coconut. The spices along with the coconut and onions are fried separately in a pan before they are ground. This gives the xacuti its specialty. Well, the Chicken Xacuti is the most popular Local foods you must try in Goa. It is absolutely delicious!

3. Pork Sorpotel

If you are a meaty person and pork meat lover, the Goan Pork Sorpotel is a must try dish in Goa. The aromatic masala prepared by various spices and herbs adds to its taste. It is prepared by cooking pork meat and liver. The meat is first boiled and partially fried to get off the fats. Then later cooked adding its masala to it. It’s so delicious that it can be consumed at any part of the day!

Local Foods in Goa

4. Chicken Cafreal

One of the most popular dishes in Goa is the Chicken Cafreal. The main herb that goes in preparation of this masala is the coriander ground along with green chilies and other spices. The spicy green colored chicken masala will leave your mouth watering.

5. Crab Xec Xec

Local Foods in Goa
The Crab Xec xec is a famous local Goan dish. The xec xec masala is similar in preparation to the Xacuti masala. The added Crabs are carefully cleaned and boiled. And then cooked along with the masala. The juices of the crab are well incorporated with the masala which makes it taste amazing.
So, if you are planning to visit this beautiful paradise called “Goa”. Here we have put together some of the Local Foods to try in Goa.