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What Seafood to order in Goa?

Based on the western coast, Goa is the smallest state in India yet the most beautiful and peaceful one that attracts tourists from all across the world. Well known for its endless beaches, peaceful life, old portuguese architecture and yes of course!  The Goan Seafood. The coastal areas of Goa are famous for its fresh, bountiful and delicious seafood. However, no matter which place in Goa you are based, Goa features a variety of seafood dishes on its menu. Well, if you are a first timer and are confused on what seafood to order in Goa? We, at restaurantsdegoa have summed up the five most famous, delicious and most recommended seafood you should not miss when in Goa.

1. Kingfish Masala Rava fry

The huge and fresh Kingfish in Goa tastes best with the local spicy masala well marinated and fried with a layer of rawa. Served in a fish platter or the famous Goan fish Thali. The Kingfish Masala Rawa fry is one of the most recommended seafoods in Goa.

2. Crab Xacuti

The Goan Crab Xacuti is the traditional and very delicious Goan Crab Curry made of the local and bontiful spices of Goa. The spices are first roasted and then ground together which gives a tempting aroma to the curry. Moreover, the juices of the crabs infuse with the spices of the curry when cooking, adding a special flavor to the curry. I’m sure one will not miss this delectable dish when in Goa.

3. Meckeral Racheado

The most common fish in Goa are the Mackerels, Well the Recheado, is a thick and spicy paste made of red chillies, vinegar, ginger-garlic and the Goan spices. This paste is stuffed in the meckerals or other fish like the pomfret which is then fried and served hot. Mostly served with the Goan Fish curry rice.

4. Squids/Calamari

There are different ways to cook the Goan Squids. From the Squids masala, Squids butter garlic, stuffed squids and more. The taste lies in the fish itself and all of its dishes are well recommended in Goa.

5. Mussels Rawa Fry

The mussels are termed as the most popular shellfish in Goa. Rarely to be found and the most delicious one. The mussels are first cleaned and marinated for a while in the spices. And deep fried with a thin layer of rawa applied to it. What more can be mouth watering??

Well, beside these dishes there are many more seafood dishes in Goa like the Prawns Masala, Lobster fry etc. Goa offers a number of restaurants that specialise in seafood. Namely, to start from South The Martins Corner in Betalbatim, Zeebops in Majorda and to the North The Fisherman’s Wharf in Panjim, Ritz Classic, and on the coastal belts the famous Souza Lobo along the beachside of Calangute and lots more. So, choose the best place for you and indulge on the best Seafood in Goa.