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Try Ross Omllete & Cutlet pav when in Goa

The smallest state in India, Goa is a piece of paradise and is known to be an ultimate tourist destination. Well known for its beaches, resorts, nightlife and not forgetting the delicious food. Goa offers a variety of cuisines all across the world. However, The Goan street food has much to offer. In every part of Goa there will be a number of street food carts offering varied choices of eateries. Right from the chinese, lebanese food to the local Goan traditional delights.

Well, it’s good to try all the street food varieties in Goa, but there are some that you just cannot miss out. RestaurantsdeGoa would suggest trying out the famous Goan street food delicacies that are the Goan Ross Omllete & Cutlet Pav.

Ross Omllete

No matter which part of Goa you are in, you will find small carts selling Ross Omlette at many joints in Goa. The Ross Omlette is a popular Goa street food delicacy. A delicious dish, which is just a regular omlette served with a spicy, aromatic coconut based chicken gravy. The Chicken curry is called the “Ross” which adds flavor to the Omlette.

The Ross Omlette Stalls mostly open the evening times from 5 pm and so on. So, as soon as the evening looms in Goa, People in huge swarms rush to various Ross Omlette joints to enjoy their favourite dish. Places like Ravis Ras Omllete in Panjim, Alankars Theater in Mapusa, And the streets of Miramar are famous for Ross Omlette. So, do try this local Goan delicacy when in Goa.

Cutlet Pav

Beef Cutlet Bread Recipe

The Goan Cutlet Pav is a popular and delicious street food found at local stalls or food joints in Goa. The famous Goan cutlet pav is a soft Goan bread that is stuffed with a slice of beef which is first marinated with some local spices, rawa-crumbed and fried. The bread is then sauced and stuffed with some salads. The Cutlet Pav tastes delicious and has to be served hot.

Well, there are many places in Goa where you’ll find this mouth watering Goan street food joints. But you must try The Cutlet Pav at the Church boundary streets of St. Cruz in Goa. There are a number of little blue carts that offer the best cutlet pav in Goa. These carts mostly open up in the evenings after 6 pm and this Goan Delicacy the best evening snack. Try out the Cutlet Pav at Goa’s famous joints that is D’silvas fast food at the Miramar junction or the Costa’s or Umao food Joint near the St. Cruz Church in Goa.

Do Try out the Goan Ross Omllete & Cutlet Pav when in Goa!