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Green Peas Pulao

Preparation time : 40 minutes

Difficulty Level: 2/5


  • Basmati rice-1 cup
  • Onion-1 medium
  • Cloves-3
  • Elaichi-3
  • Cinnamon stick -1
  • Oil-1 tbsp
  • Green peas-¼ cup
  • Maggi cube-1pc

Method of Preparation

  1. In a round bottom utensil, add oil
  2. Once heated add the cloves, cinnamon, elaichi.
  3. Add the onion and mix it. Sauté it till translucent, add the green peas 
  4. Add the soaked basmati rice, then add 2 cups of water. Add the Maggi cube.
  5. Cover the vessel, and cook it on a low flame for 20 min.
  6. Serve hot with chicken curry and salad.

Know More :

Green Peas Pulao

The Green Peas Pulao is made using Fresh Green Peas to the Pulao Rice. This rice dish is lightly spiced with the Indian Spices and caramelized onions and and a best filling and flavorful veg delight. The average cooking time of this dish is about 30 minutes.

The Green Peas Pulao is vegan-friendly and happens to be a gluten-free dish too. So, enjoy every every savory and sumptuous bite of this veg delight. You are sure to love this hearty meal.

So, follow the simple steps and try out the Goan style Green Peas Pulao.