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Aug 19
Try Ross Omllete & Cutlet pav when in Goa

The smallest state in India, Goa is a piece of paradise and is known to be an ultimate tourist destination. Well known for its beaches, resorts, nightlife and not forgetting the delicious food. Goa offers a variety of cuisines all across the world. However, The Goan street food has much to offer. In every part […]

Aug 18
Caju Feni & Urrak – Local Goan Drinks

Goa, as you know, is well known for its beaches and cool environment. There are many more things that it is famous for. As Summer arrives in Goa its the start of the famous cashew season. And also, the famous Local Goan Drinks Caju Feni and Urrak. Both these Local Goan beverages are extracted from […]

Aug 12
Portuguese Menu to try in Goa

Goa has an ancient connection and roots from the portuguese era. Therefore, there are a number of Goan Portuguese restaurants that offer authentic portuguese cuisine in Goa. The Portuguese Cuisine mostly consists of food that includes meats, fish and side salads. If you are confused on what Portuguese menu to try when in Goa. Not […]

Aug 09
Goan Seafood Platter – What to Expect

Having a beautiful and extensive coastline which is almost 105 km long, Its no wonder that Goa is famed to produce the best, fresh and sumptuous seafood. No matter which part of Goa you are based you will surely have a restaurant nearby serving the best Authentic Seafood of Goa. Well, if you are confused […]

Jul 30
Local Foods to try in Goa

As we know Goa is best known and famous for its string of beautiful beaches, So also it is famous for its Food. Located on the coastline, The Goan cuisine is famous for its fresh seafood. Not forgetting the traditional curries and aromatic spices and juicy flavor. So, here are the main and must try […]

Jul 26
What Seafood to order in Goa?

Based on the western coast, Goa is the smallest state in India yet the most beautiful and peaceful one that attracts tourists from all across the world. Well known for its endless beaches, peaceful life, old portuguese architecture and yes of course!  The Goan Seafood. The coastal areas of Goa are famous for its fresh, […]